Study Trips

above: Nahal Yousefian, Director, Culture and Engagement, Tesco PLC.  Lancaster University Management School 2015, 2016 & 2017

The Challenge

In the new global knowledge economy, Business Schools increasingly recognise the value of International Study Missions to their students.

We create and develop internationally accredited customised Study Programs offering students a life-changing learning experience. An opportunity for students to broaden their perspectives, to encourage creative approaches to tackling today’s diverse business challenges as well as challenging themselves and their own preconceptions.


The Solution

We do not offer a one-fits-all solution. Our programs reflect the background and experience of the students.  This, together with our extensive global network of contacts in both the academic as well as commercial world, gives us a solid framework on which to build for your success. Study Missions (sometimes referred to as International Electives or International Study Programs) offer participants unique exposure to diverse cultural and business practices – taking theory based tuition from the lecture room and bringing it to life with exhilarating first-hand experiences.

“Fantastic Ideas! Fantastic Teamwork! 100% Fantastic!”
Frankie Dettori MBE, Champion Jockey

“The best international trip we have ever been involved with.  Inspiring speakers, top-level company visits and some unforgettable cultural experiences.  ACL staff were always friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile to make our student trip a real highlight of their MBA course. We can’t thank you enough for a great job”

Stanford A. Westjohn, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Marketing & International Business, The University of Toledo, College of Business and Innovation

“Lancaster has used ACL for a number of years to organise the international study tours for our MBA class. Alexia is wonderful to work with.  She is highly organised, professional and dedicated. I would highly recommend Alexia and her team”
Chris Saunders – Full-Time MBA Director, Lancaster University Management School

“Alexia has been highly successful in designing and implementing a number of International Study Missions for the Newcastle Business School MBA at Northumbria University. She has demonstrated a high level understanding of the wishes of diverse cohorts of age and professional International students and using both care and creativity has produced events that were highly valued and much appreciated by this audience. Her ability to work at the individual level with both academics and students before and during the events, is much valued and brings great benefit to this work.
Chris Jeffs – Fulltime MBA Programme Leader, Newcastle Business School, Northumbria University

“..underlines the importance of upskilling and inspiring the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs”
Lord Digby Jones

“The quality of service is outstanding and Alexia and her team work on every detail of our trip to make it not only very enjoyable but more importantly, a memorable educational experience.”
Dorota Marsh – MBA Programme Leader, UCLAN

“If you get the chance to join a study tour, don’t hesitate – it will challenge you in all of kinds of ways you never expected”

MBA Student – LUMS, Prague 2016

“Bloody marvellous! certainly gets my vote..
Sir Mark Prescott, Bt.

“Alexia’s results are outstanding with excellent trips including not only cultural visits but visits to extremely interesting businesses.  As a professor, I would give her and her company an A+ in all areas.”
Dr. Thomas Sharkey Director of International Business Institute, University of Toledo

“A fantastic example of dedication and team work”
Marketing & Communications Director, De Beers

“Having worked with Alexias Consulting on a number of study missions, I cannot recommend the company highly enough. You know that from start to finish you will receive a highly professional service with the ultimate result of a fabulous experience for all.”
Julie Gabriel-Clarke, MBA Programmes Manager, Lancaster University Management School


Cultural Intelligence


Key Challenges


Chinese Business Leaders



Business managers cite cultural issues as the cause for 99% of early terminations or overseas assignments (source 1)

80% of organisations cite culture & engagement as one of their top challenges and 50% regard the problem as “very important” (source 2)

consider cultural challenges the biggest barrier to successfully acquiring or partnering with Western businesses (source 3)

Over 70% of individual learning can be explained by work experience (source 4)

Latest Study Tours & Company Visits…

Improve Cultural Intelligence

The importance of Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is becoming increasingly significant for managers and business leaders. No matter how good a company’s policy-making or tactical decision-taking is, without engagement in CQ they risk a high chance of failure.

CQ offers a proven way of enhancing personal leadership capabilities and provides a framework for designing a more effective global business. By leading with CQ, managers can really make a positive contribution, both within and outside their own organisations.

Developing Global Executives & Business Leaders

Developing global executives is a strategic business priority. Our international study programs offer students practical experience and help them to develop skills,  allowing them to work effectively across cultures both at home and abroad.

  • Educational value of the cultural trips 94%
  • Academic value of the overall program 96%
  • Overall Study Trip Satisfaction Score 100%
  • Would you recommend a colleague/new student cohort to participate in a similar trip? 100%
The Results Were Amazing

At the end of our Study Trips, participants were asked to complete an evaluation questionaire and to provide additional comments on various aspects of the program.

Students were asked to score various elements of the study trip, attributing a mark from 1 to 5 for each, where 1 was the lowest score (‘poor/very dissatisfied’) and 5 was the highest (‘excellent/delighted’)

We then produced an average percentage score for each element for the entire group by:

  1. Taking each students score (in the range of 1-5)
  2. Adding all the students scores together to give a total
  3. Dividing this total by the maximum score available if all students had scored the particular question the top mark
  4. Multiplying result by 100 to give percentage score

Host Company Partner Program

We have developed mutually beneficial partnerships with many leading global companies,
collaborating successfully on our international study programs: