Hello, I’m Alexia.

Traveller / Scuba Diver / Writer / Bloodstock Guru

I am a hybrid.  Part Irish.  Part English.  Part Greek.  Part Russian.

I have an empathy with many countries but none actually feels like home. I’m a typical Cancerian. An eternal optimist. I wear my heart on my sleeve. Constantly smiling. Meticulous and non-judgemental. I always look to see the good in people. I can speak enough Italian, French and Greek to get by.

I was a late Sixties child – The only time I’ve been late for anything in my life.

I have always been running events of some sort. On leaving University I found myself organising conferences and spectacular events for financial institutions in the City of London.

My time in the City introduced me to some fantastic destinations and people.  It was an exhilarating time;  I was part of a dynamic team creating show-stopping events, involving big budgets and even bigger personalities including Nelson Mandela, Bill Clinton and George Bush. The work was relentless, but it was here that I learnt what distinguishes an outstanding project leader from an also-ran.

I am a qualified dive instructor, passionate about horse racing and I am finishing my first novel, focussing on autism.